concert review- the killers (at hyde park)

hello friends!

Yesterday, I underwent the holy experience that was watching The Killers perform live in Hyde Park. Having arrived extremely early, I was lucky enough to get into the 7,000 capacity standing area (in a park full of 80,000 spectators), and this was hands-down the best concert experience I have ever had. The sun came out, the toilets weren’t Portaloos (praise the Lord), and the amount of people there was literally overwhelming- the entire park was full of people of all ages screaming the lyrics and dancing extremely wildly. A surreal experience if I’ve ever had one.

I went with my family, which might sound a bit lame for a 15 year old, but it proved to work out perfectly- because the headliner acts were Tears for Fears, Elbow, and The Killers themselves, the crowd was predominantly made up of middle-aged fans who had clearly been very musically cool at the peak time of these bands. It also meant that I could crack out the dad-dance moves, which I would decidedly not have been able to do if the crowd had been made up of people my own age. Every cloud and all that.

So, The Killers themselves. I felt practically honoured to stand within a 100m radius of Brandon Flowers himself, and the feeling of honour soon rose to become an overwhelming crush that I will now never shake. I would definitely describe myself as a Killers fan, but not to the extent of knowing all their songs word-for-word. The set was perfect for someone like me, playing all the hits with a few breaks for more seasoned fans. They cleverly opened with their new song, sassy rock-electronica ‘The Man’, and followed up with all their classics- ‘All These Things I’ve Done’, ‘Somebody Told Me’, ‘Human’ etc- all played to an unbelievable standard, and Flowers’ voice was incredible for a live performance. The overall effect was that everybody in the park completely lost their shit. By the last song (obviously Mr Brightside), the whole park was a sweaty mess and I was jumping up and down next to a 40-year-old couple from York.

The staging itself was also incredible- fireworks marked the end of the set, and a huge cloud of confetti punctuated the beginning of the encore, a few pieces of which (of course) I picked up to take home. Dry ice, lasers, no expense was spared- the whole set was completely surreal, and unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced. Seeing The Killers perform live is one thing, seeing them at a festival is another- and seeing them at this festival was yet another.

My favourite personal touch of the show was halfway through, Flowers announced that they were going to play a few lesser known songs (‘This River is Wild’ included), an occasion for which he swapped his pink blazer for a black one with a jewelled lapel whilst everyone in the crowd lost it over his smile (which clearly said ‘I know how wildly attractive I am, and I intend to endlessly milk it’).

I really would describe this as a once in a lifetime, and if you’re a Killers fan then I strongly urge that you see them live if you haven’t already- it doesn’t compare to anything I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a good few! Thank you for reading (if anybody is), and I’ll see you soon with hopefully another review!

frankilily x



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