‘the office’ uk will always be funny

Hello friends!

I would like to start by stating, firmly, that the UK version of The Office will always be funnier than the US version. Thank you, and exits are to your right if you disagree.

So, I would class The Office as possibly my favourite TV show of all time. It will never fail to be funny to somebody from the UK, and that is a magical thing. I know it’s not fully understood by Americans, and that’s because British humour has a sort of beautiful subtlety to it, which can only be understood if you’re the sort of person (i.e. all Brits) who has 3 cups of tea a day, minimum, and would rather eat cold food than tell the waiter to replace it. I recently rewatched the entire show (not too hard, why are there only 2 seasons), and it reminded me of, firstly, my undying love for Martin Freeman, and secondly, my undying love for awkward British comedy. The jokes are painful– it hurts to watch the show. It’s achingly funny, because it’s so realistic. I hate to say that it’s relatable, but there’s something about David Brent’s mistiming and perception of P.C. that reminds us all of someone in our own lives.

And Martin Freeman? Forget Sherlock, this was his best role, hands down. His Tim is perfect, his timing is spot-on- his humour somehow makes him wildly attractive despite his ridiculous haircut. The thing that makes him so funny is his incredible ability to deliver the most perfect one-liners. He’s the one character in the show that balances out the awkward- he takes it just inside the ‘watchable’ region, and sits it firmly down under ‘humour that’ll make you crawl- but you’re safe with my fourth-wall side eye’ territory.

The show completely epitomises British comedy for me- if you’re not British, you’ll only understand it if you’re extremely cynical, and well-versed in the nuances of British humour. It was made in 2001, and I was only born in 2001, but it’s still funny to me- which marks that the show truly is timeless.

I don’t really know what this post was, but I reckon it can be labelled as ‘exam-induced grateful hysteria’. Leave a comment if you would like to share in my love for the show, or even if you’re a US fan looking for a fight. I’m joking, please don’t attack me.

I’ll hopefully be writing a lot more soon, because my exams are nearly over- give me a cheeky follow to see anything that might spill out of my brain and onto the internet!

frankilily x

(I really don’t know what this post was meant to achieve. I just love The Office.)



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