harry styles- why he deserves the hype

Hello everybody!

I’m here today to defend the lovely man that is Harry Styles. With the release of his debut album today, he’s never been more vulnerable to 40-year-old journalists (probably with superiority complexes) having a bash. Firstly- cut the lad some slack, Guardian! He’s  only 23! He came from the worldwide-hype-machine that is One Direction, which helped him to build an audience approximately the same size and devotion as the entire Christian faith. Yes, ok- so most of them are girls. Teenage ones. But does that make him any less credible? No. Teenage girls have learned to develop their opinions and musical knowledge, pronto, as a form of shield against older family members mercilessly teasing them about Ed Sheeran. So! Now we’ve agreed that he deserves a chance, here is my honest review of his debut album (spoiler- it’s great).

// HARRY STYLES // (2016)

When ‘Sign Of The Times’ was released, I felt actual fear. I so wanted it to succeed; I wanted a song that would give him some credibility against critics. And he delivered- boy did he deliver. The song was fantastic; I could actually hear the pained crying of One Direction fans all over the country. When the album itself was released, I was slightly more sceptical, due to the gigantic mistake that was the tiny amount of tour tickets he made available (I came across one girl’s desperate request for a ticket to the London show- in return for her kidney). The album is a triumph in my opinion- it feels so very experimental, and it’s relieving to hear him figuring out his trademark sound rather than throwing out a bloodless synthy-pop-moneymaker. My personal favourite track is ‘Woman’; there’s no hiding from his stunning vocals on tracks like ‘Sweet Creature’ or ‘From the Dining Table’, but the chilled messy vibe of this song is something I wouldn’t have expected from him, which made it even better to discover. If you’re a sceptic, give the album a listen- it’s definitely worth it. It really is interesting (and surprising) to see his personal style after the years he spent singing empty (yet mysteriously endearing) tracks with the One Direction gang.

If you hadn’t gathered, I am a strong supporter of the ‘Harry Styles takes on the world’ movement. That is all for now.

If you have any opinions on the album (or just Harry Styles as a person) I would love to hear them- leave a comment and let me know your favourite track or what you think.

frankilily x



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