my thoughts so far- Doctor Who series 10

Hello again!

It’s been nearly a week since the first new episode of Doctor Who, and I have definitely spent more time than is normal figuring out my feelings on the new series. I’ve decided that overall, I am indeed a fan (no change from the last 5 series, then) but I’m harbouring some doubts nevertheless- as I’m sure you are if you’re a fan dedicated enough to dig this out of the ‘doctor who’ tag (I applaud you).

Firstly! The long-awaited introduction of the new assistant! Pearl Mackie plays Bill, who is employed at the university the Doctor now (very suddenly!) works at. For me, the apparent controversy of her sexuality was fantastically written by Moffat- it was subtle, it didn’t feel forced; but it was there, which is enough. Pearl Mackie herself is perfect for the role; I imagine it would be difficult to take on a role so widely anticipated for so many reasons, and though she’ll undoubtedly be criticised, I think she did a great job starting off the series.

The show does admittedly feel new, as if it’s been written for a brand new audience.  Firstly- great! Please, bring in brand-new passionate Doctor Who fans in the form of hordes of excitable kids! Catch them by the hundreds, luring them with plastic bleeping sonic screwdrivers! The show was always a big part of my childhood, and there’s no better time to reel in a new generation than the switchover of writers. Having said that, there was no shortage of easter eggs for the loyal fans- the cameo of the Daleks didn’t feel gratuitous or like a time-filler, but more like a welcome reunion with an old friend. A screaming murderous friend, but a friend nonetheless.

I could go on, possibly into layers that would be frankly unnecessary, but I’m going to leave it for there. Thank you for reading, if anyone actually did read this- if you enjoyed it, drop a comment and let me know anything else you might want to hear comments on (I have plenty to share).

frankilily x



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