‘the office’ uk will always be funny

Hello friends!

I would like to start by stating, firmly, that the UK version of The Office will always be funnier than the US version. Thank you, and exits are to your right if you disagree.

So, I would class The Office as possibly my favourite TV show of all time. It will never fail to be funny to somebody from the UK, and that is a magical thing. I know it’s not fully understood by Americans, and that’s because British humour has a sort of beautiful subtlety to it, which can only be understood if you’re the sort of person (i.e. all Brits) who has 3 cups of tea a day, minimum, and would rather eat cold food than tell the waiter to replace it. I recently rewatched the entire show (not too hard, why are there only 2 seasons), and it reminded me of, firstly, my undying love for Martin Freeman, and secondly, my undying love for awkward British comedy. The jokes are painful– it hurts to watch the show. It’s achingly funny, because it’s so realistic. I hate to say that it’s relatable, but there’s something about David Brent’s mistiming and perception of P.C. that reminds us all of someone in our own lives.

And Martin Freeman? Forget Sherlock, this was his best role, hands down. His Tim is perfect, his timing is spot-on- his humour somehow makes him wildly attractive despite his ridiculous haircut. The thing that makes him so funny is his incredible ability to deliver the most perfect one-liners. He’s the one character in the show that balances out the awkward- he takes it just inside the ‘watchable’ region, and sits it firmly down under ‘humour that’ll make you crawl- but you’re safe with my fourth-wall side eye’ territory.

The show completely epitomises British comedy for me- if you’re not British, you’ll only understand it if you’re extremely cynical, and well-versed in the nuances of British humour. It was made in 2001, and I was only born in 2001, but it’s still funny to me- which marks that the show truly is timeless.

I don’t really know what this post was, but I reckon it can be labelled as ‘exam-induced grateful hysteria towards Ricky Gervais’ (???). Leave a comment if you would like to share in my love for the show, or even if you’re a US fan looking for a fight. I’m joking please don’t attack me.

I’ll hopefully be writing a lot more soon, because my exams are nearly over- give me a cheeky follow to see anything that might spill out of my brain and onto the internet!

frankilily x

(I really don’t know what this post was meant to achieve. I just love The Office.)


harry styles- why he deserves the hype

Hello everybody!

I’m here today to defend the lovely man that is Harry Styles. With the release of his debut album today, he’s never been more vulnerable to 40-year-old journalists (probably with superiority complexes) having a bash. Firstly- cut the lad some slack, Guardian! He’s  only 23! He came from the worldwide-hype-machine that is One Direction, which helped him to build an audience approximately the same size and devotion as the entire Christian faith. Yes, ok- so most of them are girls. Teenage ones. But does that make him any less credible? No. Teenage girls have learned to develop their opinions and musical knowledge, pronto, as a form of shield against older family members mercilessly teasing them about Ed Sheeran. So! Now we’ve agreed that he deserves a chance, here is my honest review of his debut album (spoiler- it’s great).

// HARRY STYLES // (2016)

When ‘Sign Of The Times’ was released, I felt actual fear. I so wanted it to succeed; I wanted a song that would give him some credibility against critics. And he delivered- boy did he deliver. The song was fantastic; I could actually hear the pained crying of One Direction fans all over the country. When the album itself was released, I was slightly more sceptical, due to the gigantic mistake that was the tiny amount of tour tickets he made available (I came across one girl’s desperate request for a ticket to the London show- in return for her kidney). The album is a triumph in my opinion- it feels so very experimental, and it’s relieving to hear him figuring out his trademark sound rather than throwing out a bloodless synthy-pop-moneymaker. My personal favourite track is ‘Woman’; there’s no hiding from his stunning vocals on tracks like ‘Sweet Creature’ or ‘From the Dining Table’, but the chilled messy vibe of this song is something I wouldn’t have expected from him, which made it even better to discover. If you’re a sceptic, give the album a listen- it’s definitely worth it. It really is interesting (and surprising) to see his personal style after the years he spent singing empty (yet mysteriously endearing) tracks with the One Direction gang.

If you hadn’t gathered, I am a strong supporter of the ‘Harry Styles takes on the world’ movement. That is all for now.

If you have any opinions on the album (or just Harry Styles as a person) I would love to hear them- leave a comment and let me know your favourite track or what you think.

frankilily x


my top five must see films


I’m back! This time to let you in on five films that I consider must-sees. I will say in advance- I’m no film expert. I will admit that I cried watching Frozen for the 4th time. But really- is that ever a problem? The films also aren’t in any particular order, as I’m too indecisive to choose my favourite. Enjoy.

  1. WHIPLASH (2014) 

Director: Damien Chazelle

Starring: Miles Teller, J.K Simmons

This may actually be my favourite film. It follows the story of a young drummer (played by Miles Teller) who is seeking the approval of the seasoned conducting genius (played by J.K Simmons). I think this film is fantastic- the progression from a feudal music drama into a psychological thriller is gradual, but chillingly evident all the same. J.K Simmons’ Oscar-winning role as Terence Fletcher is a perfect casting; his intensity is unnerving. The score itself is a piece of work to be admired; the eponymous piece ‘Whiplash’ is full of the kind of energy that immediately sets you on edge. Overall, this film may be the most urgent must-see on the list- I was in awe throughout it at the incredible layers of artistry and talent.


Director: John Hughes

Starring: Matthew Broderick

Not quite as much to say on this one, it’s just really funny. 80s-style fashion and The Office-style sideways camera eye? Sign me up.

3.  LA LA LAND (2016)

Director: Damien Chazelle

Starring: Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, John Legend

If you didn’t like this film, you either don’t know much about film, know too much about film, or passionately hate musical movies. I thought I was the latter, but this is the ultimate feel-good and I was astounded by how much I loved it. I saw it three times in cinemas, and cried progressively more every time. The score is beautiful, the costumes and colour palettes are gorgeous, and the storyline is heartbreakingly perfect- the ending is something nobody wants, but everyone silently agrees made the movie 10x better.

4.   THE IMPOSSIBLE (2012)

Director: J. A. Bayona

Starring: Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor

Tears will be shed. This is such an uplifting film, and I think that you absolutely must watch it if you haven’t. The story is based off a real-life event (the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami in Thailand) and it is played out incredibly; the acting is unlike anything else I’ve seen, and the production standard is stunningly high. This film will break your heart, and fix it again in such a way that you will feel immensely grateful for having watched it. I have watched this film so many times, and I will never get bored of how it makes me feel.

5.  INSIDE OUT (2015)

Director: Pete Docter

Starring: Kaitlyn Dias, Amy Poehler

When did Disney get so meta? For a children’s film, this is equal to the quality of any other blockbuster, and touches the hearts of kids and their parents alike. The story of a young girl moving state is followed through the feelings of her emotions themselves- her brain is like some sort of wonderful Disneyland where all her memories glow like (probably overpriced and Mickey Mouse shaped) sweets. Being  a Pixar, it shares the whole this-joke-is-for-your-parents complex as seen in Toy Story, which makes the whole film feel much more dimensional and definitely increases the watchability (is that a word?). Disney strikes again.


Well, here we are at the end. There are, of course, a lot of rejects on the list that I cut for the sake of being well-rounded (yes I know I have 2 Damien Chazelle films on here, no I couldn’t cut one). Thank you for reading, if anyone did, and I’ll see you soon!

Drop me a comment if there’s anything else you want my opinions on,  let me know the films you would have chosen, or maybe what you thought of my choices!

frankilily x



my thoughts so far- Doctor Who series 10

Hello again!

It’s been nearly a week since the first new episode of Doctor Who, and I have definitely spent more time than is normal figuring out my feelings on the new series. I’ve decided that overall, I am indeed a fan (no change from the last 5 series, then) but I’m harbouring some doubts nevertheless- as I’m sure you are if you’re a fan dedicated enough to dig this out of the ‘doctor who’ tag (I applaud you).

Firstly! The long-awaited introduction of the new assistant! Pearl Mackie plays Bill, who is employed at the university the Doctor now (very suddenly!) works at. For me, the apparent controversy of her sexuality was fantastically written by Moffat- it was subtle, it didn’t feel forced; but it was there, which is enough. Pearl Mackie herself is perfect for the role; I imagine it would be difficult to take on a role so widely anticipated for so many reasons, and though she’ll undoubtedly be criticised, I think she did a great job starting off the series.

The show does admittedly feel new, as if it’s been written for a brand new audience.  Firstly- great! Please, bring in brand-new passionate Doctor Who fans in the form of hordes of excitable kids! Catch them by the hundreds, luring them with plastic bleeping sonic screwdrivers! The show was always a big part of my childhood, and there’s no better time to reel in a new generation than the switchover of writers. Having said that, there was no shortage of easter eggs for the loyal fans- the cameo of the Daleks didn’t feel gratuitous or like a time-filler, but more like a welcome reunion with an old friend. A screaming murderous friend, but a friend nonetheless.

I could go on, possibly into layers that would be frankly unnecessary, but I’m going to leave it for there. Thank you for reading, if anyone actually did read this- if you enjoyed it, drop a comment and let me know anything else you might want to hear comments on (I have plenty to share).

frankilily x



Hello to probably nobody reading this! If you are by chance reading this, please stay- I swear I get more interesting. Maybe.

I like writing, and I like to think that I write in such a way that people might actually want to read it. That one’s up for judgement, but give it a chance, yeah? I’m going to be posting regularly (lets hope) about things wherein my opinion could possibly be valued. I mean, that’s the dream. So, if you like opinions, or films or music, or maybe sometimes a bit of rambling, give me a cheeky follow.

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